The frenetic race to unmask the neutrino

Interview to Michel Sorel and Juanjo Gómez-Cadenas in the newsletter of ICHEP 2014, being held this week in Valencia.

The NEXT movie is finished

Neutrino, measuring the unexpected.


XV NEXT Collaboration Meeting

The 15th NEXT Collaboration Meeting is being held at IFIC this week. The Collaboration is discussing the next steps of the experiment, which include the commencement of operations at the Laboratorio Subterráneo de Canfranc later this year, after the successful run of the NEXT-DEMO prototype installed at IFIC.

The NEXT Collaboration comprises about 60 physicist from over 10 institutions in 5 different countries. The spokesperson of the Collaboration is Prof. JJ Gómez Cadenas.

Report to the Nuclear Science Advisory Committee

In February 2014, in Washington D.C., NEXT participated in an open meeting to present the status and the future perspectives of the experiment. This meeting had been organized by the Nuclear Science Advisory Committee, following the request of the United States Department of Energy and National Science Foundation to "provide guidance on an effective strategy for implementation of a possible second generation US experiment to search for the neutrinoless double beta decay (NLDBD) process". Here the preliminary report to the NSAC of the Subcommittee in charge of this assessment can be found.

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