The knight in the castle

The NEW detector is being installed at LSC!

Check out the video of the installation!


El hombre que se metió bajo una montaña a buscar neutrinos

"Cuenta Juan José Gómez Cadenas que en ciencia hay tres tipos de cuestiones: las que conocemos, las que sabemos que desconocemos y las que no sabemos que desconocemos. Son estas últimas las que tienen el potencial de cambiar nuestro mundo."

Entrevista con Juan José Gómez Cadenas en elconfidencial.com

Latest report of the LSC Scientific Committee

The latest report of the LSC Scientific Committee is available.

NEW assembly tests completed

Assembly tests of NEW have been performed in Madrid, in the latest weeks. In the picture, a view of the interior of the vessel from the energy plane, showing the inner copper shield and the tracking support for the dice boards.

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Juan José Gómez Cadenas: jjgomezcadenas@dipc.org

Dave Nygren: nygren@uta.edu


  • Report from LSC - Dec 2019

  • Report to the Nuclear Science Advisory Committee - May 2014

  • Report from Consolider - CUP

  • arXiv:1202.0721v1 [physics.ins-det] - Technical Design Report

  • arXiv:1106.3630v1 [physics.ins-det] - Conceptual Design Report

  • arXiv:0907.4054 [hep-ex] - Letter of Intent to LSC

  • Laboratorio Subterráneo de Canfranc (LSC)


    Starting from March 2013, NEXT is a Recognized Experiment at CERN!