Merry Christmas!

A nice Christmas card from the Canfranc Underground Laboratory. Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year!


ERC Synergy Grant for NEXT

An ERC-Synergy Grant has been awarded to our collaborators Juan Jose Gómez Cadenas (DIPC),  Roxanne Guenette (Harvard University) and Fernando Cossio (UPV/EHU) for the NEXT-BOLD project! The grant will help us to develop barium-tagging in NEXT and build an extremely sensitive ββ0ν detector! Congratulations!

Check out this video to know more about the NEXT-BOLD project!

NEXT track visualization

Check out the new video showing some of the NEXT-White electron tracks!

PhD opportunity in NEXT

Interested in joining NEXT as a PhD student? The INPhINIT call of La Caixa foundation is now open! If you haven't lived in Spain for more than 12 months in the last three years, and are in the first four years of research experience, you can apply to this call.

Look for the project "A background-free experiment to discover the nature of neutrinos based on single Barium Atom Detection" in the project description page for more details!

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Juan José Gómez Cadenas: jjgomezcadenas@dipc.org

Dave Nygren: nygren@uta.edu


NEXT Report from LSC - Oct 2021

NEXT-100 Technical Design Report

NEXT-100 Conceptual Design Report

Letter of Intent to LSC

Laboratorio Subterráneo de Canfranc (LSC)

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Starting from March 2013, NEXT is a Recognized Experiment at CERN!