The new Kapton Dice Boards are ready

The new, more radioupure, Kapton Dice Boards for NEXT are ready to go!

Expociencia 2013

On May 25, some people of NEXT participated in the organization and in the activities of Expociencia, the open day of the Parc Cientific of Valencia. Kids and adults had fun "cooking" with liquid nitrogen, exploring what colors are made of, and much more!


Change of season in NEXT-DEMO

We have just changed the cables of the dice boards, the tracking plane of NEXT-DEMO. The new ones are less noisy and more resistant!


Habemus vestigia!

Reconstructed track from Cs-137!

What you can see in the pictures is an electron produced by the interaction of a 660 keV gamma from a Cs-137 radioactive source. The colour codes energy and the trajectory has been reconstructed with our new SiPM plane, the first optical-pixel tracking system in the field. Clearly visible is the random walk of the electron (due to multiple scattering) while depositing a constant amount of the energy (electron behaves like a mip for most of the trajectory). When the electron ranges out, a blob of energy, coded in red in the 3D projection is formed, giving the tell-tale signature of the electron (wire+blob, or spaghetti + ball). Notice that the signature for a bb0nu event would have two blobs (due to the two electrons ranging in the gas) providing a distinctive signature of the decay.


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