Dave Nygren's talk in Madrid

Dave Nygren has given a great talk in Madrid on February 15th, sharing his ideas, projects and experiences at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid!

Methane and neutrinos

A nice article on NEXT and the use of gas mixtures has been published in the popular science website mappingignorance! Enjoy the read!

What do we talk about, when we talk about neutrinos?

JJ Gómez Cadenas's plenary talk at the International Ontology Congress "Physis" is available here!


Workshop on Single Atom Barium Tagging

The DIPC workshop on "Single Atom Ba Tagging" (SABAT 2018) will be held at the "Donostia International Physics Center" (DIPC), Donostia-San Sebastián, on July 9-10, 2018. The aim of the workshop is to review the experimental techniques needed to achieved single-atom tagging in Xe-136 double beta decays produced in a gas xenon TPC.

More info about the workshop and the registration can be found here.

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Juan José Gómez Cadenas: jjgomezcadenas@dipc.org

Dave Nygren: nygren@uta.edu


NEXT Report from LSC - Oct 2021

NEXT-100 Technical Design Report

NEXT-100 Conceptual Design Report

Letter of Intent to LSC

Laboratorio Subterráneo de Canfranc (LSC)

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Starting from March 2013, NEXT is a Recognized Experiment at CERN!