The NEXT-100 pressure vessel in all its glamour

The pressure vessel for NEXT-100 is ready to go!


European support for NEXT

Eppur si muove!

We are pleased to announce that the request under the Advanced Grant programme of the European Research Council submitted by the Principal Investigator of the NEXT experiment, Prof. J. J. Gomez-Cadenas, has been recommended for funding.

The Advanced Grants are the highest level funding instrument of the ERC, being defined by the Council WEB page as:  "ERC Advanced Grants allow exceptional established research leaders of any nationality and any age to pursue ground-breaking, high-risk projects that open new directions in their respective research fields or other domains. The ERC Advanced Grant funding targets researchers who have already established themselves as independent research leaders in their own right."

The ERC decision will not only provide a substantial contribution to overcome the present economical situation of the experiment but is also a recognition, at the highest European level, of the excellence of one of the leader LSC experiments. The reports to the ERC of its international experts largely overlap with the conclusions periodically elaborated in the last years by the LSC Scientific Committee.


List of approved projects

James White


Holy Fires (in memoriam: James White)

Once, we made sparks in our chamber, our beautiful chamber, our steel chamber,
The chamber that was you, and was us, and was our toy and our challenge,
You called them the Holly Fires, and smiled that wicked smile of yours,
the smile of Big Chief, surrounded by his bravos.
It was beautiful,
To watch all those blue lightings crossing the darkness,
like burning angels, or mystical dragon-flights,
like burning coals in some remote night camp,
A bunch of scientists in a physics lab,
not different from those nomads that marvel at the flames under the stars,
and wonder at the beauty of life.
Yes, it was fun to watch the sparks,
It was also reassuring to know that you were nearby, otherwise I would have felt,
like I was burning the house.
I was happy and excited, a teenager, trying to grow up his teeth,
And daddy was around, to give a hand.
As as kid, I was an avid reader of westerns.
When I met you I found myself,
talking to a character escaped from one of those novels.
You, so large and strong, wearing your jeans and boots,
riding your pickup track.  Yet,
Inside this mountain of a man, shone a soul,
as bright as those blue sparks that we made together that day.
Holly Fires.Sparks shine and vanish,
but they impress, as you did,
their beauty in the universe.

The NEXT-100 pressure vessel is almost there

The pressure vessel of NEXT-100 is being finished in Madrid.

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