Starting Grant in NEXT

Congratulations to our colleague Paola Ferrario, from the IFIC group in Valencia, who has been granted an ERC Starting Grant to develop a new concept for PET scanners based on liquid xenon!


Peter Sonderegger, in memoriam

Peter was the first supervisor of J.J. Gomez-Cadenas when he worked as a student at CERN. He was a great physicist, mentor and friend.

Run II results

The first results of energy resolution and tracking for the Run II of NEW are here! We get an energy resolution of 5.5% FWHM at the energy of the krypton peak and very nice tracks of electron-positron pairs, which mimic the neutrinoless double beta decay signal, featuring two nice blobs of energy at the end!





First NEW results

In the recent NEXT Collaboration Meeting the first results from NEW have been presented! The detector is in very good shape, the sensors are working with very similar performance and the first spectra and tracks have been obtained! A warm thank you to all the people who have made possible this great achievement with a lot of effort and struggle!

Here you can see one of our first reconstructed electron tracks, where the higher energy deposition at the end of the trajectory is clearly visible.

Stay tuned for more!

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